Sunday, June 24, 2012

Is World Recession is coming again?

Yes , all the symptom are proving that world recession is coming again. China electricity department data show that there is 15-20% dip in electricity consumption in industrial hub manufacturing units. Demands are slow down across the globe. It have a huge impact on manufacturing units in China.

Major Europe is recession and UK is also ready for second recession. Greece and Spain showing very poor recovery. Every time bailout to save these economy. Although Germany shown good number in last quarters but again this quarter data are condensing.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Kingfisher still a safe bet to invest

Kingfisher, Air travel company still a safe bet to invest .The current price of stock share is around 13 rupees/share. The face value of this share is 10 rupees. Although company have more than 3000 crore debt. Company huge assest and ,man power still have hope to revive.

Sooner or later bank are ready to re evaluate debt payment and make a easy plant for Kingfisher also banks are ready to bail out company.Indian is developing country where in future lot of new air port and travel destination may born.

This industry have still lot of scope to rise.So better keep invested at this level and buy or more if you get something near to face value of share.

In future one get huge return. We are expecting at least 100% return on this share in one year and so.